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The Estate city e-bike makes riding easy with variable power assistance. You don’t need to put on the lycra or endure hours of training to conquer steep hills or long rides with the Estate city bike! Out for exercise? You choose the level of power assistance. Components are chosen for maximum reliability and easy maintenance.


Traditional V Brakes provide solid wet or dry stopping power with universal brake pads and no hydraulics to leak and go wrong. The durable wheelset use regular road bike size 700c tyres, giving you many options, and Shimano gears are reliable and rarely require adjustment. The stylish unisex frame features no top tube, making starting and stopping and dismounting easy, and with integrated battery and clean lines you will be looking good while riding. A rear luggage rack is sturdy enough for a bag of groceries or a briefcase or even beach essentials. The easy upright riding position and padded seat makes for a comfortable ride, and the suspension fork helps take the edge of Aussie potholed roads.

Unisex City E-bike

    • 1 Electric Bicycle
    • 1 Charger
    • 1 Multipurpose Tool
    • 1 Instruction Manual
    • 1 Warranty Certificate
    • 1 Quick Start Guide
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